Tijuana Must Be Reforested To Avoid Floods

It is impressive how many people have no idea that the main cause of the constant floods that the city is experiencing, is the deforestation, because the trees act as a sponge, which can absorb 3 thousand 500 liters to feed the soil, that everyone finds out about this fact can help to avoid thousands of disasters caused by the rains.
Invited to the weekly session of Tijuana Innovadora, the director of Land Life Company, explained that when a land is deforested, the water goes directly to the rivers and places where it should not end, so eventually, floods are generated. This causes discomfort, traffic and even fatal accidents to the residents of the city and even causes problems for people who travel all over the world to the city for medical matters such as the famous dental veneers in Tijuana.
If one wants to solve this problem at the root, the first thing that must be done is to reforest the land, and that in turn, will also help to solve other problems such as sewage.
He added that the survival of plants is usually very low in this region due to the predominant Mediterranean climate and the low rainfall, so they have made use of the “Cocoon” technology, which consists of a system of placing the tree and never more water again.
He indicated that sadly the human being has deforested 2 billion hectares in the last 2 thousand years, now there has been a change of mentality and the tendency should be to plant new trees and this is where Tijuana Innovadora and other organizations come in to green the city. But we do not have to leave this job to organizations, we can put our part and try to plant a tree near to us or adopt a green area.