Tijuana celebrates Christmas with giant trees, births and lights

Through giant Christmas trees, births, lights, Christmas decorations and Santa Claus around the city, Tijuana celebrates the holiday season with tourists from various countries and migrants Mexicans and foreigners.

The Cultural Center Tijuana (Cecut) every year places a huge birth to enter the facilities, which is appreciated by thousands of attendees who come to witness the various activities offered by this iconic place. The independence gazebo, known as “Las Tijeras”, decorated in the shape of a Christmas tree, is lit during the night in Tijuana so that thousands of tourists who travel through the city and on their way to the United States can appreciate it.

Snowmen, the Santa Claus and gingerbread houses adorned this border city so that Tijuana residents and tourists could take photographs in this place full of magic and fun. Santa Claus traveled throughout the Plaza Rio and especially in the Christmas village where the children came to greet him and ask for his gift for this Christmas, a time that they expect every year with singular joy. When you come to Tijuana for your appointment with your Mexico dentist remember to see these attractions fun with your family and friends and enjoy them with the spirit of Christmas.

One of the busiest squares in Tijuana became a center of attraction for children, youth, adults and senior citizens because they find in this space a great Christmas decoration, and do not forget the delicious food, like warm tamales and hot champurrado.

The city also shows a huge birth next to the Cuauhtémoc roundabout full of lights and music that encourages this holiday tradition full of family together in these holidays. In addition to the giant Christmas tree in “Las Tijeras”, the shopping plazas show trees and Christmas decorations that make the attendees who travel in them enjoy this celebration in Tijuana.