The Niijima and Shikinejima Islands: Nature and active tourism in Toky

Before taking a great walk to the other side of the world try to bring all your papers in order and your bags ready, plus a spectacular smile with your best dentist in Tijuana for some nice pictures of the moment. The capital of Japan has a great popularity at the tourist level, but also has other attractions such as its natural islands that are characterized by their colors, their crystalline waters, the nature that surrounds them and the varied activities that can be done in them.

Tourism of Tokyo proposes to the traveler to know the capital beyond the asphalt with the visits to the Tokyo islands Niijima and Shikinejima, located 160 kilometers south of the center of Tokyo and enjoy their outdoor activities for lovers of active tourism and relax in front of the sea

The islands can be reached by plane, from the Chōfu Airport in only 35 minutes, or by sea by fast ferry from the Takeshiba pier in about 2 and a half hours. In addition, they are also connected to each other by the Nishiki ferry with a short 10-minute journey.

Hiking with views and camping to enjoy nature

The islands of Niijima and Shikinejima are an ideal option to make the most of the island’s nature and outdoor activities, such as hiking trails with views to enjoy along the way a beautiful landscape framed by the sea, the forest and the cliffs.

Niijima Island: The traveler will have the opportunity to enjoy hiking with the “Ishiyama Trekking Route”, a path of white stones, called koga stones – a type of pumice stone -, typical of the island. If you want to fully experience nature, the Habushiura campsite, with a maximum capacity of 200 stores, will provide the opportunity to enjoy it in the first person.

Shikinejima Island: The “Forest and volcano trail” and the Kanbiki tenbodai viewpoint are a must in the visit to the island. The trail is characterized by the beauty of its landscapes, especially in the months of April and May by the flowering of the oshima azaleas, one of the most attractive species in the area. In addition, from the Kanbiki tenbodai viewpoint the traveler can contemplate one of the 100 best panoramic views of Tokyo


Relaxation and culture


Among the thousands of attractions that characterize the islands of Niijima and Shikinejima, there are opportunities to take a break, rest and unwind during your stay in the onsen – hot springs -, as well as to learn about its history with special routes or to practice water activities such as the snorkel


Isla Niijima: The traveler can relax in the renowned “outdoor hot springs Yunohama” with unique views or on the beach of Wadahama as well as discover the island’s history with special routes to the exile cemetery Runin Bochi, Choeiji Temple or to the stone monument with the waka poem that Kazue Soma recited when leaving the island after being pardoned.


Shikinejima Island: A good decision will be the night visit to the “Jinata Onsen” hot springs that are in the sea, open 24 hours a day, and whose lighting will recreate a magical atmosphere. Do not forget to note the Nakanoura and Ishijirogawa beaches on the wish list, ideal for snorkeling and swimming among colorful fish and crystal clear waters with the family, as well as visits to Nobushiko Port and Konokuchi Koen Park, points that will bring beautiful night postcards in the light of the stars.


Other destinations such as the artificial island of Odaiba, located in the bay of Tokyo that connects to the heart of the city through the Rainbow Bridge, and the archipelagos Izu and Ogasawara, the latter cataloged in 2011 as a World Heritage Site, will also be ideal for know that “other Tokyo”.