Power of Nature Walks

Many studies corroborate the therapeutic power of walking through nature, clearly if what you suffer is a toothache the best thing is that you consult your dentist in Tijuana and leave for later the walk. But if you feel anxious, stressed or depressed then this is an activity that you must do this weekend , can be alone or with your family. Trees and plants will be the protagonists of other proposals, as the International Day of Forests

A forest bath. Shirin-yoku is a Japanese technique of preventive medicine that means “forest bath”. From the Navalmedio nature tourism center they organize a forest immersion route to demonstrate the relaxing power of the birds singing, the murmur of the water and the aroma and shadows that the forest offers. Sunday in the forest of La Herrería de San Lorenzo de El Escorial. It is not free, it has a cost and you have to be adult to acces. 

Tree Festival. More prominence for the trees, which in March 21 marks the International Day of Forests. The environmental information and education center El Huerto del Retiro organizes with the Asociación Plantamos Árboles a party with various activities to teach in the cultivation and planting of forest species. Saturday, March  at the CEIA El Huerto del Retiro. Free activity From seven years. 

More than almond blossoms. Some almond blossom will remain, but this trip shows that the park of the Quinta de los Molinos, for its history and botanical relevance, offers much more than the flowering of those fruit trees. Sunday in the Quinta de los Molinos park. Free activity Adult public. 

Cactus and succulent plants. Apart from the forest that forms there is another type of vegetation (cactus and succulent plants) of which the Royal Botanical Garden Juan Carlos I contains an excellent collection as seen in a walk through its facilities.