Nature is also playing its role in the school playground

Not everything is going to be cement courts in the courtyards.

A good way to promote the care of nature and respect for the environment is to transform them into spaces where you can observe how some birds nest or how the trees change with the seasons. Several centers assigned to the Voz Natura program develop projects aimed at allowing their students to enjoy different playground where they can observe nature and, of course, know it. There is no doubt that a good example is the experience developed by the CEIP of Monterroso, where this year, in addition to the two orchards one of fruit and vegetables and another of aromatic plants will start the planting of an autochthonous forest, many of the trees donated to the school were from Dentists in Mexico who wanted to reforest the small area  The idea, as Guillermina Mosquera explains, arose after the wave of fires that devastated Galicia last year.

As a way of showing solidarity with the most affected places, they took the proposal to the cloister and there was no doubt. They would raise a small autochthonous forest in the courtyard of the school, an area of ​​about 3,000 square meters where, as he said that there is room for everything. On Friday, Tree Day, he plans to plant. In addition to a salgueiro donated by the Provincial Council, each student will transplant their small tree outside, a plant that they have previously cultivated from nuts or acorns. There is everything: walnuts, oaks … All autochthonous. It is the only premise.

Not only this center carries out ideas to impregnate their outdoor spaces with nature. A soil built with rocks that aims to stimulate sensory, small mounds surrounded by aromatic and medicinal species, a small avenue of trees and a wall of pots made with recycled bottles and painted to give color also characterize the playground of kindergarten school and primary Love Ruibal, of Pontevedra. Of nonagenda trees, or not so old, they also know in the Amadahí forest school, where they use nature as the axis of their educational project. In Ourense, had raised a beautiful botanical garden, while in other places have waited for the storm to subside in order to start working in the outdoor garden.