Nature inspires three designers

The most recent collections of Florencia Dávalos, Charana and Toska have Ecuadorian art and nature as inspiration. Exclusive collaborations and orders are the paths that these brands chose to approach, visualize and commercialize local art with beautiful models that went to their dentist in Tijuana to do a dental cleaning before the catwalk.

The firm Florencia Dávalos was born in 2015 with the aim of dressing Bohemian women and looking for unique and chic garments. The Quito designer behind this brand began the conceptualization of her latest collection a year ago. For this, it counted with the participation of the illustrator María José Rodríguez. The proposal was created based on the study of “two different but connected elements”, according to the creative. The first is the “magnificent and biodiverse nature of Ecuador” and the second source of inspiration is the German biologist Ernst Heinrich Haeckel. The naturalist is credited with creating the term ‘Ökologie’, a German word that is ecology in Spanish and gives the line its name. The style of Baroque art was the basis for combining scientific illustrations with Ecuadorian nature, to “create a dual world in each impression,” he explains. Fish, orchids, papayas, jellyfish and hummingbirds are some of the represented species. Ökologie has 16 garments, made of cotton, satin, velvet, linen, crepe and organza. The collection is on sale in the store of Florencia Dávalos, in La Tejedora. Charana, on the other hand, is a brand created two years ago by Ángeles López and that bases her designs on sustainable fashion and identity. The ambateña designer, based in Quito, ventured into the making of garments made with scraps, which textile companies discard, in order to contribute to the reduction of fashion pollution. He also works with entire fabrics, always emphasizing making the most of the material, as in the case of his latest collection. Bandada is the name of the t-shirt line, taken from a series of paintings by Lucho Loaiza. The artist represented blackbirds, sparrows, curiquingues and other Andean birds. The stages in the works are loaded with symbols and elements that speak about the physical and dream space. Loaiza’s paintings were sublimated in cotton shirts, as the first launch of a project that seeks to explore identity and represent nature through art and fashion. This and other Charana collections are available at La Torera Tienda Galería (Pontevedra and Lérida). Visibility and commercialization of Ecuadorian art was the reason for the creation of Toska. Arabel Torkse is a social communicator, but the admiration for the artistic work of her sister Lisa encouraged her to create a brand for women. In November 2017, the clothing and accessories firm launched three collections, based on different series of the painter: Sisa, of Andean flowers; Palo Santo, inspired by the forests of Manabí; and Criptomnesia, a mandálica line. The work of designing blouses, shirts, jackets and purses starts with the vectorization of the paintings, to be able to capture them

. Although Toska started with Lisa’s paintings, the goal of the firm is to find other artists who want to express their art in clothing. The name of the brand was born from the feminization of the surname of the sisters and also with the intention of putting in a word the philosophy of this proposal: irreverence, freshness, art and identity.