3 Reasons to Embrace Your Local NJ Oil Tank Removal Company

If you live in the Garden State that you are well aware of Nature’s beauty; the lush, green landscape, deep forests and gorgeous coast line. However, many New Jersey residents are unaware that lurking beneath their property a leaking oil tank may be unleashing some damage.

Why Are There So Many Oil Tanks Buried in New Jersey?

At the turn of the century burying oil tanks on New Jersey properties was an ideal way to provide heat to people’s homes. These tanks were “out of sight out of mind”, provided ample heating, and they were protected from the elements. The only problem is that, 100 years later, the elements are not protected from leaking oil tanks. Oil tanks have about a 100-year lifespan before they begin leaking petroleum and other harmful contaminants into the soil. This means it is paramount that people contact New Jersey oil tank removal and inspection companies in order to protect their investment. After all, your home is likely the most expensive thing you have or ever will purchase, and you can’t put a price on your family’s safety.

1. Protect Mother Nature

When oil tanks leak they release metals, petroleum and other contaminants into the soil. This can interrupt Mother Nature’s ability to produce plant life and grass. Leaking oil tanks can also enter ground water and cause further damage. In addition, oil tank leakage can impact the health of deer, rabbits, squirrels and other creatures, including your beloved pets.

2. Safeguard Your Home’s Retail Value

One sure way to knock roughly 20K off the value of your home’s resale price is to allow an oil tank to leak harmful chemicals into your ground. Once this happens soil remediation from an oil tank removal company is required, followed by extracting the tank and disposing of it.

Even simply having an oil tank inspection performed on your property can attract more buyer’s to your listing because it removes the unknown fear that buyers face in the New Jersey real estate market.

3. Oil Tank Removal and Good Health Go Hand-In-Hand

When you call an oil tank removal company to come inspect your property and remove any buried oil tank they may detect, you are taking a huge step forward to embracing good health. Never mind that the state if New Jersey can fine you for having a buried oil tank thus harming the health of your bank account, but your children’s health is jeopardized when they play in dirt and grass that may be contaminated. You also want to keep your yard healthy; a leaking oil tank can make the ground infertile not allowing any life to grow from the soil at all!

Keep New Jersey Beautiful

If you want to play a vital role in keeping the state of New Jersey beautiful while protecting your family’s health and your real estate investment, contact an oil tank removal company and let them perform an inspection. The investment is minor, but the payoff is huge with a slice of peace of mind.